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Of the Christian schools in Fort Collins, Grace Academy is probably the most like a home-school with customized programs.  We offer instruction to grades 6-12.  To accomplish our academic goals, we utilize a mixture of small classes, individualized curriculum, computer instruction, and personal tutoring. 


Our primary desire is to disciple students through the use of Scriptures, and to train them for life, college, careers, and ministry. We want them to have a biblical worldview. Our intention is to counteract cultural influences which conflict with the Word of God. We understand that this instruction must be in cooperation with the desires of the school families in order to accomplish God's highest for each student.



One-on-One Attention

    We utilize staff, volunteers, and other resources to ensure quality academics and individual instruction. We limit our enrollment which helps ensure one-on-one attention.  In addition, the school staff works closely with the parents for the benefit of each child. We value parental input. We accommodate different learning needs and are flexible enough for both advanced and challenged students.


Learning Environment

    We want learning at Grace Academy to be a blessing. We endeavor to train students in the school to be leaders who are servants, self-disciplined, responsible, and have personal integrity. 

    We expect them to be kind to each other and learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.  We do not allow bullying. To this end, we give students guidance on how to show love and respect to each other.  We are aware that this is an on going process for everyone.  


Dress Code

The purpose of a school dress code is to relieve students of the peer pressure associated with clothing and appearance. We want our students to look nice, but not be consumed with fashion trends. Appearance is not an indication of a person’s worth especially in a christian school. In light of this reality, we have found uniforms to be very helpful for students.  Many graduates, especially girls, have later stated that they were glad we had a dress code.  

Some Details


Financial Information

Tuition is distributed over 12 monthly payments from June 2019 - May 2020. We have a school tuition rate based on grade level and the number of students enrolled for each family. The basic rate for one student is $260/m grades 6-8 and $270/m for grades 9-12. Students who enroll after June 30th will have a rate that will vary from the listed amounts. It may more depending on the specific, enrollment date for the new family prior to the start of school.


Important Dates - 2019-2020

First Day of School - Aug. 19th  

Labor Day - Sep. 2nd - No School   

Thanksgiving - Nov. 28th - No School  

Christmas Break - Dec. 20th to Jan. 5th - No School 

MLK Jr. Day - Jan. 20th - No School

President's Day - Feb. 17th - No School

Spring Break - Mar. 13th to  22nd - No School 

Last Day of School - May 18th

Graduation and Awards - May 22nd


Student Relationships

Due to immaturity, peer pressure, and societal pressure, teens who find themselves in romantic relationships often end up compromising their moral purity. Therefore, students are not encouraged to pursue romantic relationships with other students at Grace Academy. Any committed relationships, whether within or outside of our school setting, must be supported by the parents of both individuals and must not be disruptive to the student body.  


What We Believe

Grace Academy is a non-denominational christian school that reaches out to Fort Collins and the surrounding area. It is not our intent to impose our doctrinal beliefs on families enrolled, but we have a biblical worldview and teach subjects accordingly.  Our basic teachings about God, the Scriptures, and Man's relationship to them, may be downloaded below in the forms area of the website.  A summary of our core principles is also available to download.  Please contact us if you have questions that we may answer regarding your enrollment decision. 

Location and Info

Contact us to make an appointment.

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Grace Academy located at Snowy Ridge Church

School Address: 320 W Trilby Rd., Ft Collins 80525

Mailing Address: 419 Starling St., Ft. Collins 80526 Phone: (970) 691-5210 Email: rewstone@frii.com

School Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:50 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.

If necessary, extended hours are available for early arrivals and late pick-ups in many cases to accommodate family work schedules.


Application 2019-2020 (docx)


What We Believe (docx)